I have to say I am blown away and that’s without even being a part of it! To hear what the children have been up to and to hear they are all doing so well. What an amazing opportunity for all of them. T has certainly been beaming and has spent all evening looking on eBay at handheld video cameras!! 

You are just brilliant. That's all. You have given so much, and this week inspired Hxxxx. For instance, we have already bought a second-hand camcorder (and he) is all kitted out to continue TMOing, as he calls it! 

Just wanted to send you so many thanks from Exxx and I. The incredible training and support you have provided this past week, has been the perfect balance of learning & fun. So grateful for everything you have done for Exxx. She had the best, best time.

J is having a wonderful time.  He is a tricky character to get to know so you might not see it but he is enthralled with it all. A really wonderful summer camp and the energy that you and your team bring to it is both tangible and dare I say over and above what I am used to. Thank you. 

E is quite the introvert but he is buzzing when he comes home and tells us all about his day. So thank you very much - for the opportunity to do something new and the experience of stretching their minds. Priceless!

D is having the most wonderful week...

Just wanted to say how much Axxxxx loved the course… she said it’s the best holiday camp she’s attended and definitely wants to attend the next one. 

Thank you so much for this week, Dxxxxx really enjoyed it, and we had some great discussions (after)….What happens when things don’t go to plan? My husband and I talked last night about how good it is for our kids to see life doesn’t always run to a perfect plan.  Daniel has learned so much more during the shenanigans than how to make a film. So, thank you to you and the team...


Heading 2




Hi Chris - thank you for all your hard work - we were all very impressed at how Patrick has developed into a confident actor with film making 

skills - he’s very keen to do the same next year. It must take up a lot of your time-thanks again for your commitment to the young people...


My two pre-teens had so much fun creating, producing and editing their film last summer and also watching the end result at the film premier! Thank you Createch for providing a great service to keep them occupied during the summer holidays!


Ed had an amazing week whilst on the CreaTech film making course. He loved getting involved with all aspects of film making, especially the acting and using the cameras! The course gave him a chance to build his confidence and work in a team all whilst having a great time! And the end result was fantastic!

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I  can’t believe what you achieved in a week...the kids had a blast...love what you do...such a great time...”


I cannot begin to tell you how much Dee has developed whilst participating in this year’s film. Her confidence has grown massively. I hope there is another course next summer!”


Hi Chris! We’ve very much enjoyed watching the films again, and it looks like CreaTech is really taking off! Nathan would LOVE to do it again, it was definitely the best thing he did last summer.


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