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Ian Banks has worked in the film and TV industry for more than twenty years. He is a graduate of the University

of Reading (with a 1st Class Honours degree) and has a MA and has spect many subsequent years supervising

MA students. He has worked on numerous commercials with directors such as Ridley Scott, Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham. He's an avid cinema goer and cinephile and counts Carl Dreyer, Guy Maddin, FW Murnau and David Lynch amongst his favourite directors. He's passionate about what he does and enjoys passing on his knowledge and experience to students and aspiring filmmakers.


As a film academic, Ian has taught/lectured for more than 20 years, with posts at The University of Reading

and Oxford University and has run many short film courses at institutions such as Goldsmiths and

Ravensbourne University. Ian has worked on James Bond movies, BBC dramas such as Spooks, Dr Who and

has also worked on animated shows such The Simpsons. The Cramp Twins and Invader Zim.


James Bond




Dr Who



The Simpsons

The Cramp Twins

Invader Zim



Ian uses a wide range of both traditional and digital media to create images, real-life sequences and drawn animation


DBS cleared:



To find out more about Ian’s work visit:

Reddy's website

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