Digital Filmmaking

Ages 7 - 13

Ages 14 - 19 (or a mix of both!)

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 Monday 14th February - Friday 18th February, 2022 

Participants will:

  • gain a digital presence in the 21st world

  • develop their imagination

  • exercise their critical thinking

  • upskill using cool technology

  • learn to make critical decisions

  • develop team work skills

  • make new friends


  • attend a premiere of their work with friends and families

  • receive an attendance certificate

  • gain Skills certificates

  • be awarded with 'Oscars style' trophies

  • have a permanent copy of the finished film

So who will be leading the courses?

  • Film makers

  • experiences teachers and instructors

  • professionally trained screen writer


So, here's how it works:

5 x days: 09.00 - 17.00

  • camera/sound/drone/digital technology training

  • learning to use Adobe/Final Cut Pro editing software

  • using tracking, tripods, lighting and electronics

  • acting-for-camera training 

  • breakdown/blocking of script

  • planning for assets (props/costume/articles/locations)

  • production role training (DoP, Lighting, Continuity, Sound)

  • some participants create The Making Of... documentary

  • some will create the two trailers


On the final day:

  • Production review meeting

  • Final pick-ups and re-shoots

  • WRAP party! (Did you know that this is an abbreviation, from the old days of filming, for 'Wind, Reel And Print'?)

And what next...?

premiere, (with pop and popcorn) that's what!

In June, we have a premiere evening, and show:

  • 'The Making of...', documentary, showing the chaos, interviews and more!

  • The Trailer - a sneak-peek at what is to come

  • 'The Finished Feature'  - the main film played to the audience, live. 

After the screening, everyone gets:

  • An engraved OSCAR-style statue recording technical skills learnt

  • A beautifully embossed Certificate of Attendance

  • Some receive a Certificate/trophy for Outstanding Contribution

For further details and any other questions, contact us using the box to the left. We are ready and waiting to help!