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Chris has been a qualified teacher of Film, Media and Drama since 1993 and became an Advanced Skills Teacher in 2005. He has worked in numerous schools across London, the Home Counties and Yorkshire and is currently at an Ofsted Outstanding secondary school in Hertfordshire, with a huge Media and Film faculty. He is also an examiner and moderator for Media Studies, Film Studies and Drama for two major awarding bodies, a role he has successfully done for over twenty years.



Chris has a passion for sharing skills and empowering young people to use new digital technologies through film, performance and animation to help confidently propel them into 21st century learning. Chris is also a champion of developing multiple and emotional intelligences through creativity and imagination – frustratingly, concepts that the current curriculum does not fully allow.


Having run CreaTech Academies since 2016 (and its forerunner, AIDEM Learning) Chris has generated and executed numerous creative projects, most notably making short films with different stakeholders from youth and community centres right through to Children’s University productions and regional theatres. Education is at the heart of what we do, with 2019 seeing our fullest take-up and 2020 promising to be see even further expansion.


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We run exciting, fully developmental programs with one aim in mind: having fun through learning. We are proud to be doing this more and more. Come and be a part of the most amazing learning experience that will bring confidence, creativity and amazing skills learning, all in one week. We don’t have disappointed participants. Ever.



Chris uses:

Pre-production:     Celtx screenplay; FilmTouch; Calendly; WriterDuet; Muse Storybuilder; Trello; Shot Designer;                                      Cash Flow; Storyplanner; Storyboarder; Evernote, SyncOnSet                                   

Production:            Canon XA10/XA11 and XA30 cameras; Rokinon 1.5/35mm cine lens; Neewer HD monitor;                                          Neewer shoulder rig; Bose Noise Cancelling headphones; PEMOTech tripod; Z-Flex Tilt release                                  plate; Oypla flight cases; DJI Mavic Pro Drone (with 4K camera)

Post-Production:   Apple Final Cut X; Adobe After Effects

Exhibition:              Vimeo


DBS cleared:

Always and full.


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