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Di has many years experience in teaching English, Literacy and Media Studies. She has taught students of all abilities, especially those who struggled with conventional learning strategies and has helped to create learning programmes in all three subject areas. Part of her wider work has been to initiate different skills' workshops through the Children's University, UK. 


Although she worked in the secondary sector, both as a Media/Film Studies teacher and a very well-respected Head of Year, she is now a very effective governor of a successful primary school in Essex. She freelances in education, working for CreaTech Academies as Director of Administration and Compliance (she is our DBS champion!), and she does a lot of fundraising for a local cancer charity. She is always present during filming

weeks and assumes her role as Producer/Executive Producer with grace and quiet determination, keeping

Chris, Callan and Ian on track when things (inevitably) go a little awry. As a mother of three boys and several grandchildren, she brings a calm and orderly organisation to the, well, organisation!

As you can see below, she has amassed Producer credits for seven films, not including the ones being

made this summer 2019.



Di has been Producer / Executive Producer on:

Don’t Be A Knit: A Silent Movie – Children’s University (2014)

Dream-Mare (2016)

I Thought I Knew You (2017)

The Outsider (2018)

Outside In (2018)

Looking Forward: Looking Back (2018)

What Did You See (2018)



Di always has her MacBook Pro and iPad with her…at all times


DBS cleared:

Always. Fully. 


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