Ages 10 - 19


Dates: tbc

Venue: tbc

Context: Why is this course so important?

Digital video has never been more crucial in the crazy and saturated marketing and advertising world. Having imagery that is recognisable, causes a buzz and gets people talking about you/the business you're creating a 'digital video identity' for; that's the aim of the game here.

Make a dull business look glamorous. Make a local cake shop look beautiful and unique. Make a local solicitor's firm seem like a friendly team who will help you fight a case with care and integrity!

In just one week, learn how to:

Respond to a (real) brief, develop ideas, plan for shooting (including all aspects of pre-production), filming interviews, pick-ups/cutaways, constructing a narrative, ensuring that visual and audio quality is high and that all footage is of professional standard.

Then, in post-production:

You will edit and preview your short film, adding graphics, visuals, audio effects and non-copyright music. You will go back to the client and present your work to see if they are happy. After this, amendments will be made until the client is completely happy!

What do you get out of this course?

In the space of just five days you will have sourced a client, responded to a commission, built a business relationship, planned, shot and edited a digital video piece in an appropriate style. 

You will then be  equipped to go on to do this, on your own, in future months and years, making excellent and imaginative business promotional videos where you can set your rates, develop your own income and be a successful videographer.

In a matter of a few months you will made the cost of the fee for this course back, plus you will move into profit very quickly, once start up costs have been spent.


£400 for 5 day course

£320 for 4 day course

For further details and any other questions, contact us using the box to the left. We'll be more than happy to help!

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