Costello School, Basingstoke

Getting to Know You

CreaTech went to meet the FIRST of this summer's Digital Film Making Academy groups, the very fine people of Costello School, Basingstoke. With 22 learners on board from July 23rd to July 27th, I wondered if they might be quiet, unassuming and shy. How VERY wrong I was...

First Day Films

This is where the shy get trampled and know-it-alls find out that film making is actually quite difficult! Here, one of the intrepid team get royally lost in their quest to make the perfect film. Well, everyone has to start somewhere

The Outsider: Trailers

These two trailers were edited, firstly, by Sam McLeod (thank you Sam - you did a great job with them!) and then given the final push by Chris, who led the week's film production, in Basingstoke. There is a short teaser trailer and a full-length Hollywood style trailer here...

TMO: The Making Of...

Whatever goes on tour stays on tour. Right? Well, nope! All the stuff and nonsense that went on during the production week. Interviews with the stars; catching people in the off-moments; everyone messing about...this is The Making Of...

The Outsider: The Film

Here is the film that was produced in a week and then took 50 weeks to edit and go on release. This is an amazing film that shows the incredible talent that was on show. Students and parents were rightly proud, and told me so at the premiere. Please cherish this film. It is one of the very best that CreaTech has produced. Well done all involved!

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