Outline of Policy:

1. The privacy policy contained below is there to provide an opportunity to outline the privacy of those contained in the content of the site and those who wish to use the site. The policy also outlines a guide as to how information is processed and stored, as well as stating how images, data and other information is protected from access gain by third parties. The policy will also clearly state how images and information of/about young people are securely held.

The CreaTech Academies Website:

2. It is the legal responsibility of the website owners (CreaTech Academies) to ensure that any user data is protected. The website willingly complies with all related UK legislation in this regard.


Use of Images of Young Persons:

3. Clearly, as a digital workshop company, we will be collating multiple images of young people, ether shot by themselves or by our leaders.

4. It must be clearly stated that no person, aside from CreaTech Academies personnel, the participants and their parent/carer/guardian, will have access to any image unless the prior written ‘permissions release’ has been obtained by the appropriate parent/carer/guardian.

5. No images of young people will used for marketing, promotion or website content, however slight or seemingly insignificant, unless the written permission release is obtained. This covers all paper-based and digital marketing, short films with young people in them, and any other promotional materials such as trailers and ‘The making Of..’ short documentaries.

6. All filmed material, such as those listed named will only be available to a secure audience, via a Vimeo professional website, with security lock features and access only via a password.


CreaTech Academies: Contact and Communication:

7. Please note that access to the main CreaTech Academies website is discretionary and may provide data and information at their own risk. Any personal information and data pursuant to individual participants and customers will be kept strictly confidential.

8. Your personal information will be kept private and stored securely until it is no longer required or has no use, as detailed in the Data Protection Act 1998.

9. Please note that although systems are as robust as can be, to keep data entry on to the CreaTech Academies from its customers, but legally it must be stated that users do so at their own risk.

10. Please note that CreaTech Acadmies will NOT sell or pass on customer information to any third party, under any circumstance.

11. The website and its owners may use information submitted to provide you with further courses in the future. Information submitted will be used for email and/or newsletter, appropriate to the details we have.

12. Your statutory and any other reasonable protection will not be compromised by any policy herein. CreaTech Academies will always seek to amicably settle any grievance with regard to any matter contained in this policy.


External Links:

13. At the time of writing the policy, it is not the intention of CreaTech Acadmies to use sponsors and/or third party advertisers. However, we reserve the right to promote a company/service/provider if they have been generous in to us and we are returning the good will.

14. If such links to third party websites do come on-stream, then website users are reminded to exercise caution and care. CreaTech Acadmies cannot be held responsible for activities that are controlled by outside parties. (These may include banner/re-marketing promotions that appear as a consequence of the web-user visiting other sites before the CreaTech Academies site).

15. Therefore, CreaTech Academies website users will click on external webistes/links, at their own risk


Social Media Platforms:

16. Any digital media and communication workshop requires that social media may well be used.

17. CreaTech Acadmies is fully aware of the legal age for young people to use Facebook, WhatsApp, SyncOnSet, etc. We will be respectful of the recommended age restrictions. However, clearly there needs to be a level of appropriate communication and engagement via social media platforms, in order to exploit the many visionary advances made through these forms. For further information about this contact CreaTech Academies for further information.

18. Adults and young people are strongly advised to exercise the utmost care when using social media platforms – do not give any personal information away such as passwords, etc. CreaTech Academies will NOT release any personal data about its customers to anyone whatsoever. 

19. We reserve the right to advertise our digital workshop weeks ‘in progress’, by using Twitter and Instagram. We will NOT publicise any specific images of young people unless parent/carers are happy that the context within which the images are sent, is appropriate.


CreaTech Academies – updated March 2021