Mission Statement:

1) CreaTech Academies take the health and safety, security and protection of the young people we work with, very seriously indeed.

2) ALL of our workshop leaders and administrators are experienced professionals who have spent many years working successfully and safely with young people. Under no circumstances can this ever be compromised and CreaTech Academies will take the strongest action possible to negate any potential harm or wrongdoing to a young person whilst in our care.

Further to the above:

3) All of our workshop leaders are DBS cleared.

4) Each and every time we work in a new setting we will ensure that the workshop leaders are individually cleared to work with young people at that particular venue. 

5) This cost will be met by CreaTech Academies and not passed on to the students or parents who are paying for the place on the workshop.

Rest assured that our reputation rests upon your understanding that we recruit only the very best professional practitioners. We carefully vet every member of our team, to give you the peace of mind that you need. Students will have fun and learn a huge number of skills in a safe environment.

Accidents can and sometimes do happen. In nearly 30 years of working with young people, however, parents are confident in the care of their children when they know that the organisation they are allowing their children to work with is well organised, experienced and pro-active in tackling problems. I can assure you that CreaTech Academies holds all of these values true to its everyday operations.

You have my own personal assurance here.

Chris Bruce

Director of Strategy / Senior Learning Leader