Language used throughout this document:

When referring to CreaTech Academies: “CreaTech Academies”, “we”, “us

When referring to the client: “you”, “the client”, “the customer”, “participant



1(i) Who are we?

We are CreaTech Academies Limited.


1(ii) What is your business?

Our main business is to provide week long, summer holiday, digital and creative courses for young people between the ages of 8 and 19. We are registered with Companies House and our number is: 10705044


1(iii) Where are we based?

We are a British company and operate from one site in London but work with schools, colleges, academies, universities and youth groups across the UK


1(iv) What happens if there is information that is missing, or ambiguous?

In the event that any essential information is absent/missing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will work hard to rectify the omission and/or ambiguity immediately.


1(v) Do you have a set of business practices?

Yes, these are the Terms & Conditions, as listed in this document. As with any other business, we may have to alter our terms and conditions. If we do so and a booking/agreement-in-principle has been made, we will contact you.


1(vi) Do the specific Terms & Conditions of Createch Academies Ltd affect my statutory rights?

No. We have developed our Terms & Conditions over several years to protect both the client and ourselves so that a mutually happy outcome is always achieved.


1(vii) What happens if you cannot run the courses ‘as advertised’?

Sometimes, the nature and availability of software, hardware and other technologies, or the absence of key personnel, and participants themselves, will trigger an alteration to courses. However, we will make every effort possible to run courses as they have been advertised.




2 (i) By using the website and any services that CreaTech Academies Ltd offer, does this mean that we/the client are agreeing to the stated Terms & Conditions of the business?

Yes. By signalling us to come and work with you, you will, in effect, be agreeing to our stated Terms & Conditions.


2 (ii) Once an agreement/indication of engagement (by email) has been made between CreaTech Academies Ltd., and the client, what happens next?

Here is a useful guide to how the process works:

Table 2(ii)



* For courses taking place in mid to late August, payment/information needs to be made by at least the end of the school summer term

2 (iii) Once an agreement/indication of engagement (by email) has been made between CreaTech Academies Ltd., and the client, what expectations are there?

At this stage, you and CreaTech Academies will have entered into a binding agreement. Your initial payment, deposit and the confirmation of our services through the Letter of Engagement will signal that future payments will be honoured and the conditions of that contract to be fully realised.


2 (iv) Once a booking has taken place what does this indicate?

Once a client is booked on a course, CreaTech Academies can fully expect to prepare a place for you. Therefore, there is an understanding that, once booked on to a course, resources, equipment and materials will be ordered/secure, in full expectation of you attending. CreaTech Academies Ltd will need to recover any lost monies and charges where necessary if a contract is withdrawn. (NB: See also 2(vi) below)


2 (v) Once an agreement about the fees and prices for the contract has been agreed, will there be any supplementary charges?

No. Once a price has been agreed for the contract of engagement it will not change. However, it should be noted that if individuals withdraw without good reason, then this shortfall will have to be made by the client. (NB: See also 2(vi) below)


2 (vi) What happens if a participant withdraws with good and valid reason?

It is imperative that the client contacts CreaTech Acadmies Ltd at the earliest opportunity. In general, if a strong case can be made to fully explain the reasons for withdrawal, then at least 50% will usually be refunded. The client should attempt to find a replacement participant in the meantime. We will always approach each case on its individual merits and with utter sensitivity in all cases.


2 (vii) By entering into an agreement about attending the course what am I agreeing to?

It is important that clients/participants understand that by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions set out herein, you are also acknowledging that the policies about cancellations and withdrawals are reasonable and acceptable to you at the time of booking. (NB: See 2(iv), 2(v) and 2(vi))


2 (viii) What does the term ‘payment’ mean?

Payments must be received on the stated dates (see Table 2(i) above). Payments made by BACS – or some cases a cheque – are only recognised as such once the funds have fully cleared.






3 (i) Are these courses inclusive or exclusive of VAT?

All our courses do NOT attract VAT and are, therefore, exclusive of VAT.


3 (ii) Can we pay by credit card? What about debit card payments?

No, we do not have the facility to accept credit card payments.

Yes, we can accept BACS payments from any bank account that has an IBAN recognition.


3 (iii) Where can I find your bank details? Sort code? Account number?

You can email us to find out the information you require. Alternatively, you can go to the ‘BOOKING’ section of our website where payment can be made directly to our bank account.






4 (i) Once I have submitted personal data (including data about young people) how will this be stored?

Data is kept on a dedicated hard drive. It will only be used for the purposes of informing the activities and courses that we run. It will NEVER be shared with anyone, including other members of the workshop and certainly never given to any third party company or organisation.


4 (ii) Once personal data is stored, will CreaTech Academies Ltd use it again?

We reserve the right to confidentially hold this information and then, in following years, to contact you/clients once again for the sole purpose of marketing our courses to you. If you/the client informs us that you no longer want to be contacted, then we will remove all data and never contact you directly again.


4 (iii) Where can I find out more about your privacy policy?

You will find it on our website, on a dedicated page labelled ‘Privacy Policy’.



5 (i) Does CreaTech Academies hold a current Public Liability insurance policy?

Yes, it does. It is underwritten by Glemham Insurance. A copy of it can be seen on our website, under the ‘Legal’ and ‘Public Liability’ tabs.

5 (ii) What does having Public Liability insurance mean for your clients/customers?

It means that in the extreme case of CreaTech Academies, its employees or associated freelance staff, acting in any way that resulted in negligence, release of data, personal injury, death, fraudulent behaviour, wilful misrepresentation, defamation, etc, then there is insurance in place to compensate for such negative outcomes.


5 (iii) Surely this means that if someone is ‘dissatisfied’ after they have spent a week on a course that they might have cause to claim compensation?

No, there are limitations to the way that Public Liability Insurance is applied. As is made clear in other parts of the Terms & Conditions section, some actions are beyond the reasonable ‘control’ of CreaTech Academies and its associated staff. In the event of a claim being raised it will be referred to the jurisdiction of the underwriting insurance company.





6 (i) Does CreaTech Academies have an expectation about behaviour with its clients during workshop weeks?

Yes, it certainly does. Namely, that participants should act in a courteous and polite way with each other, fully signing up to the necessity of teamwork to complete the tasks given. Our aim is to foster a professional set of behaviours in the young people we work with. Failure, in any way, to comply with this request at any point during the workshop week may result in the course leader requesting a participant/participants leave. No refund will be given under any circumstances should the course leader choose to expel any one. CreaTech Academies will absolutely and without question, support the reasoned judgement of the course leader in this matter. No ifs, no buts.


6 (ii) Do participants need to attend all week?

Yes, they do. It is crucial, especially, for instance, in a digital film making environment, that the team links together; the work to be done is complex and creative and requires 100% commitment. Any break in that chain and the quality of outcome (the film) and the harmonious working relationship of the participants will come under strain.


6 (iii) Will high levels of expectations from participants be outlined and reinforced during the week?

Yes. This will be done every day, without fail.


6 (iv) What if the participant has a specific physical and/or emotional need?

We have a very clear equal opportunities policy at CreaTech Academies:

Namely, every participant has a creative and technological capability that requires nurturing and developing. Each and every individual should have, as part of their education, the opportunity to develop intellectually, spiritually, creatively and technologically, and is not dependent on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious background, mobility or any other factor not listed here.


6 (v) What happens if a participant feels that they been negatively treated?

As with 6(i), if a participant is subject to victimisation because of their race, sexual orientation, etc, then the matter will be fully investigated and any perpetrators will be asked to leave, without refund. Every participant has the right to feel safe, secure and working in an environment where their expression of feeling and emotion is supported and appreciated. Those who cannot subscribe to this, as stated, will be expelled.


6 (vi) What if the participant has a specific physical and/or emotional need which cannot be catered for?

Our very clear equal opportunities policy means that we will do everything in our power to secure a good quality experience for ALL potential clients. However, if location, access, environment or any other factors affect the participation of any person, this will be made clear and the participant will be advised that we cannot accommodate them on this occasion.





7 (i) If a participant is enrolled on a filmmaking course, who does the ‘finished’ film actually belong to?

Any materials produced through CreaTech Academies remains our intellectual property. Each and every participant is given a copy of the film(s) that they have produced as a cooperative through the course. The recording devices (sound and vision) are registered and owned by CreaTech Academies and this gives us absolute claim to their ownership.


7 (ii) Can participants upload the film to YouTube, to allow their friends to see it?

No. This will infringe ownership rights. All participants will have access to a professional CreaTech Academies Vimeo channel, as well as their own copy of the film on a USB pen drive. In short, participants must NOT claim that the film is ‘their own’ and must not attach a name to it as the single discrete owner of that intellectual property.


Whilst every possible attempt has been made to cover all issues, policies, exclusions, limitations and practices, should there be anything that is absent or remiss, this has not been to exploit any clients or participants. If there is an issue or point of reference that needs addressing, please do contact us through our email address.


Chris Bruce

CEO, CreaTech Academies,

London/Hertfordshire 2021